5 Fall Paint Colors That Are in Fashion

5 Fall Paint Colors That Are in Fashion


Fall is the best season to look to for inspirational paint colors to decorate with. It's during this season that nature displays a richness of warm colors and rich hues. This marks the transition between summer (the hottest season) and winter (the coldest season).  

With the imminent arrival of the fall season, home décor magazines are also starting to feature a lot of orange, brown and red colors. A fresh coat of autumn paint colors can also transform and enliven your favorite space.

So, which fall paint colors should you take on to pumpkin spice your life this season? Keep reading to learn more about the paint colors that are in fashion during this autumn season.

Drawing Inspiration From Fall

Fall is the season of harvest so our visual senses get an overload of colors from pumpkins, apples, pears and many other crops. Don’t let all the bright colors fool you though. Autumn foreshadows winter so the season has a hint of blue and white colors. The heavy rainfall that characterizes fall can also be represented by grey and black to represent the cloudy weather.

Fashionistas are staying on trend by shifting their wardrobe to fall-appropriate colors. As October rolls in, there is always a move for fashion runways to move towards warmer hues like clay and Army green. It also seems like many wedding themes are taking on rich and warm red hues like samba and fired brick.

Many brides are avoiding traditional shades of ivory for their wedding gowns and choosing deep red dresses to celebrate the best day of their lives. Bridesmaids are also getting decked in a mixture of fuchsia and orange wedding gowns. It appears that fall is the season to experiment and go crazy with bright dresses and suits.

You might also be seeing that there is also a trend towards blue wedding themes. Light blue seems to work very well for most wedding themes, especially those held by the beach. These are some of the ways that people are drawing inspiration from fall for their lives and you can do the same with your spaces.

Keep reading to check out 5 great fall paint colors to bring your space to life.

1. Add a Shock of Pink

Neon and luminous colors like fuchsia are often reserved for hot summer fun. So typically they aren’t often associated with autumn. But fuchsia is a hot color this fall season and many fashionistas are pairing it with silver.

For the home, fuchsia is a great color to use in transitional spaces like hallways and stairwells. These "hidden" spaces are the best place to experiment with color and make bold design statements. Hot pink can transform a boring hallway into a vibrant place of interest, especially when combined with interesting artwork.  

You can also mix hot pink paint colors with the more down-to-earth grey. Gray is an autumn color that signifies the cold rainy nights that sometimes befall us in November. But by itself, the color can feel depressing and ominous. Fuchsia accents can warm up gray interior decor making the whole space feel modern and edgy. 

2. Keep It Dark Blue

Another color making a popular comeback this season is Indigo Blue. Medium to dark blues have a relaxing effect so they are a great option to incorporate into your décor or designs. A blue environment supposedly can increase levels of concentration and calmness.

Are you confused about what accent fall color to choose for your designs? Set yourself apart from the prevalence of dark orange and red décor by choosing the season’s complementary color─ indigo blue. You can make it season-appropriate by mixing fall's popular colors of orange, yellow, and red.

Blue paint colors are a great option if you want to convey strength and stability. This is because blue symbolizes masculinity, importance, confidence, power, intelligence, and conservatism. But too much blue can feel stilted and overpowering.

Adding a touch of orange or red warms it up and balances it out with some femininity and playfulness. Another option is to mix your indigo blue with the right shade of sunny yellow. Yellow will add a touch of playfulness and childishness to your dark blue helping it to appear less somber.

3. Make Others Jungle Green With Envy

One of the popular paint colors that makes rounds every fall season is jungle green. Autumn is nature’s time to shine and no color represents the environment better than green. Fashion staples are always transformed when they come in a green hue.

Think green patent leather jackets, green jeans, or even green mini dresses. Green, which is the color of renewal refreshes these everyday items. Green paint colors do the same for homes, offices, and studios by calming, energizing, or making a space feel more grounded.

A great thing about green paint is that it goes very well with orange hues. So, you can transform your environment into an autumn wonderland by mixing green and orange colors. Green paint will enliven the spirit of anyone in the room and make any room feel larger.

It's an optimistic color that calms spirits and makes one feel that everything will be alright. If you have pets or young children, green is a great color for the spaces they frequent. The color will lift their spirits as it will make them feel like they are out in nature. In fact, every living being will identify with a green space especially when mixed with other natural autumn colors like orange and blue.

Another great way to use green is if you want to add a vintage feel to your design or space. Green was a popular color in the ’60s and '70s so the right shade can evoke nostalgia from the era. The right shade of jungle green paired with pale pink will make a room feel like a cheery palm beach location.

4. Get Down to Earth with Clay

Clay is a standard fall paint color that can be mixed and matched with hues of brown and orange to create a homely environment. Clay is a mixture of mineral deposits that have broken off from the earth’s crust. The color is therefore a representation of the earth itself and evokes the feeling of strength and groundedness. 

Clay paint colors will make a place feel like it was built from the earth itself so they add a touch of richness and elegance. This color works best in the entrance hallway. This can make the rest of the home feel lighter and brighter in comparison.

Another great use of clay paint color in the home is to use it on your hallways and staircases. A deep clay color will make these spaces appear dated yet dignified. You can add classic mahogany furniture and classic art to complete the look. 

5. Classic Red

When it comes to fashionable colors you can never go wrong with a classic red item. Whether it is lipstick, shoes, a dress, or a coat, red always turns heads for the right reasons. For interior paints, red can seem risky and edgy because it is hard to find the perfect shade that looks good on walls. But when it is done right, the right red color can invigorate a space.

Depending on the shade used, red can symbolize love, anger, power, or danger. Be sure to choose the right tone of red for your space or design project. Small doses of warm red can be used to signify danger and grab attention.

This is why it is a popular color for fire extinguishers and fire blankets. In fact, fire stations and fire engines make a bold statement with their choice of red paint.

When it comes to homes, many people shy away from red because it tends to energize and excite occupants. Painting a bedroom red is ill-advised as it may make it hard for the dweller to relax or sleep. But if you want to infuse some sense of romance and sensuality into your bedroom then a blood red could work well as this hue is often associated with love and sin.

Warm red paint colors can also work well for an accent wall or to paint a social space like a living room or dining room. It will raise the energy levels of whoever is in the room and liven up your social events. Another way you can use red to invigorate your home this fall is to give your main door a plum red hue.

If your home has always had a boring white entrance, changing the door to red color will be sure to raise eyebrows. If you choose to incorporate red paint into your fall renovations, be sure to use the right base coat or primer. A gray-tinted primer will allow proper coverage of your red paint.

6. Tempt Your Senses with Lilac

Plum has been a favorite purple shade for many autumn seasons. However, its popularity is now being overtaken by lilac, its lighter cousin. Fashion influencers seem to feel that plum has overstayed its welcome and are encouraging everyone to switch to lilac. 

Lilac is a great color for home wall paints due to its versatility and ability to match several other colors. Even for painting novices, it is an easy color to mix and work with as it doesn’t require priming for full wall coverage. Use lilac to paint the accent wall of a rustic home as the color goes well with wooden furniture and floors. 

This color symbolizes purity and spirituality so it works great for children’s rooms. A room decked in lilac will relax and soothe the spirit of its occupant. So it can be used to great effect in a luxurious bathroom especially when mixed with green, white or gray palettes. The best fixtures for a lilac bathroom would be brushed nickel bath fixtures. 

If you need to refresh your exterior wall colors then lilac is a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. The color gives off a fresh and innocent look that will draw the attention of bystanders and visitors. Lilac matches well with the green color of outdoor plants and foliage. It will also match the orange colors of leaves. 

In fact, you probably have some lilac in your outdoor space as this is the color of many flowers and weeds. To capitalize on the fall season you can mix up any lilac and green foliage with a lilac front door and an orange bench or orange flower pots. Add pumpkins and your other autumn decor and your home exterior is ready for fall. 

Choose the Right Fall Paint Colors for Your Space

Fall is around the corner and there is no better way to welcome the beautiful season than by adding fall colors to your life. Wearing orange, brown, and purple hues is a great way to transition into fall and brighten your life. You can also move into the new season by adding a fresh coat of fall-colored wall paint to your home. 

Modern paint colors like indigo blue, fuchsia, or jungle green can enliven your space. The key to staying on trend is to add a modern twist to traditional fall colors like orange, yellow and brown. Most modern interior designers are shying away from warm fall colors so using these could make your home appear dated.

But add a modern twist of fuchsia or indigo blue to your walls and your space will feel transformed. Other modern favorites are jungle green shades and light lilac hues. These colors remind one of nature and have the effect of lightening one’s spirits.  

All in all, you can always be on-trend and ahead of the fashion curve by choosing colors that resonate with your soul’s desire and mood. So, use our list for inspiration and then go for the colors that brighten your eyes and make your heart jump. If you're looking to update your home colors, contact us today for a free estimate.

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