Are you scrolling your social media pages, dreaming of a living room like in the squares? Are you studying those carefully curated spaces, trying to decide on a new look for your living room?

Now that you've decided your living room is ready for a makeover, the first step might be to decide on a color scheme for your space. 

Living room interior color trends 2020 range from bold, to warm neutrals and lots and lots of blues and greens. 

Read to learn all about the hottest 2020 living room interior color trends you could choose for your own living room.

Blue and Green and Jewel Tones

2020 living room color ideas are full of blue and green tones. This one is unique because you add in some jewel tones too. 

For years, homeowners have been opting for all white and safe gray tones. That trend is disappearing for more statement colors. 

Consider using deeper and richer blues and greens in your living room space. Choose a more saturated version of the color and accent the space with additional jewel tone accessories like art and fabrics. 

Moody Blues

Blue has long been a favorite for living room spaces. With so many shades from icy blue, to navy, or more purplish hue of periwinkle. 

Yet, in 2020 the moody blues are taking over for living room spaces. Look for medium palette blues that are warm and creamy versus bright and cool. 

Consider using the color on more than just the walls too. Designers are opting for taking the color through the whole room, using it on ceilings, and even trim throughout the space. 

This helps to create a moody room that wraps you in both comfort and in style. 

Deep Avocado Green

While it might feel a little like a flashback to the 70s to use avocado green, it's having a moment in design once again. While this avocado green once showed up in places like tile, Formica counters, and even shag carpeting, not anymore. 

Now, use a deep avocado green on your walls and furniture. Consider a focal wall painted this color and even consider adding some architectural interest with board and batten. 

Because a deep avocado green uses nearly every color on the color wheel to create it, it surprisingly works like a neutral.  You can pair it with a variety of other colors like neutrals, punchy yellows, and oranges or go back to the blues too. 

Warm Pastels

Don't start to fret your living room is going to be looking like a baby's nursery. For years, designers and homeowners went so neutral they used shades of white everywhere. 

The newest trend for 2020 is to bring into the space some warm pastel tones. 

But instead of thinking about mint green, baby blue, pink, or even sunshine yellow. Warm those colors and keep the saturation of color low. 

Consider a warm soft gold or light dusty pink to add the warm pastels to your space. 


Yes, you read that right, beige is hot again. This isn't your grandma's beige house that always felt a little too brown and no matter how clean always looked a little dirty. 

Gray has been the neutral of choice for far too long. Beige is making her comeback. 

Now the beige tones are creamy and warm, without too many tints of brown in them. 

So, the all-white living rooms of years past will go beige with more neutrals and warmer tones.


Shades of blues are the new and hottest trend. This blue-gray color took the grays that were previously very popular and softened them up with some blue tones. 

This blue-gray color tends to be most popular in soft hues. Consider it like the sky at dusk or the warm blue of lake water. 

It also helps to create a space that is filled with warmth, making for a relaxing living room space. 

Navy Blue

This trend takes the blue trend in a little different direction. Navy blue is dark and impactful in a space. It also works very much like a neutral which means you can use coordinating colors from many different places on the color wheel. 

Both Sherwin Williams and Pantone chose deep, navy like blues as their color of the year. 

While navy blue might be the new blue color for 2020, it also is a classic too. So, you can choose this deep rich blue and be on-trend, but also have a classic vibe in your space at the same time. 

Warm Creams

This is the new neutral for 2020. Imagine walls in a neutral warm cream. Then you go one step further and use neutrals throughout the whole living room. 

Now you're thinking, that sounds monochromatic and kind of boring. Far from it if you do the warm creams the right way.

Use the same color palette, yet add lots of texture and pattern (while sticking with the warm creams) in your furniture, fabrics and window treatments. 

From linens to stone features, you can stay in the warm creams but not have boring at all. 

Earth Tones

While this trend jumps away from the blues, it continues the idea of beige and creams. Then the trend keeps going further with rich, warm earth tones added to it. 

Homes are leaving behind the cool grays. Instead, they are bringing in those warm earth tones in colors like chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and ocher.

You can start with a warm earth tone in paint, then continue with rich warm fabrics and furniture that add layers of color to the earth tone trend. 


So, you might be thinking, which one? Blue, green or gray? Interestingly enough, this color trend somehow manages to meld those colors together.

Again, picking on the previous trend for gray and picking up the blue trend. 

This is another moody color palette that really can change color depending on the light in the room and even what you use with it in the space.

Choose One of These Living Room Interior Color Trends 2020 for Your Space

With so many interesting and warm colors, which living room interior color trends 2020 are catching your eye. 

In 2020 it seems, you can't go wrong with more warm neutrals and nearly any shade or tone of blue. But if you want to really be on point, go for the rich and dark blues. 

For more advice on paint for your living room, be sure to get in touch with us. We can help you choose just the right colors for your living room.