Customer Service is Dead

RIP-Customer-Service Customer Service has died!

Since the beginning of the spring of 2020, when COVID-19 was introduced to our society, things changed drastically. Basic blunt force customer service was being offered.  The kind of service where instead of the client being appreciated and respected, it was the worker being given the majority of the attention.  A new thankfulness for the worker was being presented as the standard. This is great, as the worker in any situation is giving unto others a service or good that is needed at the time.  In exchange the service provider has given the patron an equal exchange of gratitude for being the patron and buying the service. After all, without the patron the service provider would not exist.

But something has changed.  

Over the course of this last year, due to COVID or anxiety or any other number of issues, the service provider has seem to have lost their way with being able to go the extra mile and provide amazing customer service.  I have been aware first hand, of service providers in any number of different situations and witnessed this new lack of care being given. 

I am disheartened.  I am disappointed.  It is at the heart of any business to SERVE your customers. I am not Just referring to the waiting staff at a restaurant but instead the whole of service industry, from construction services, to hotel staff and everything in between.  I have been in situations where restaurant staff have given a half heart effort and provided sub par service, all in the name of “be lucky we are even open and just the grateful”, sort of attitude.  

After seeing this lack of customer experience time and time again, at local establishments like “snarfs” or “Home Depot” or “Lowes” or “Boulder Lumber Company” or countless gas stations, or “Natural Grocers” in multiple locations, it is apparent that something has to change; we have lost our way.

We are not OK with this at all.  

At H3 Paint, we remember that you are the client, you are the reason we have work and the reason we bring home pay checks to feed our families. We are grateful for you, the patron, the customer, the person in need of our service.  Without you, we are nothing.  We are not present.  We are dead.

As small and medium business owners, we need to remember that the customer is the entire reason we have a business. Without them, we can kiss our beloved business goodbye. In a time when small business is hanging in the balance, one true way to shine above and beyond is to remember that customer service is the ONE single component that will garner additional business because in times like these, people need to know that they are being cared for, no matter the industry, no matter the service, they matter the most.  

We are here for you, our customers, to serve and provide our services with a smile and a helpful heart.


Tim & Katy Haverstick

Owners: H3 Paint

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Monday, 17 January 2022

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