The Benefits of Refinishing Cabinets Versus Replacing Them

Cabinet Refinish Services in Colorado SpringsReplacing your original cabinets is a work-intensive exercise that involves removing them completely from the walls and installing new ones in their place, the same goes for cabinet refacing. replacing all of your cabinets is a very expensive endeavor. On the other hand, refinishing cabinets keeps the cabinet doors and the base intact. The only changes made is to their surface appearance with the application of new coats of paint or wood staining. Refinishing cabinets can give them an entirely new look without the much higher cost of cabinet replacement. At H3 Paint, we offer quality cabinet refinishing / painting services for the home.

Easier Process

When you replace your current cabinets, whether kitchen cabinets or bathroom, you still have to remove your original cabinets, perform measurements for the new installation, and then attach the new cabinets to your walls, ensuring they are level. This also may involve the replacement of sinks if you are doing a complete replacement. On the other hand, refinishing is easy, with no physical removal or installations involved.

Lower Cost

Cabinet refinishing is a helpful way to cut costs and remain within budget for your remodeling project. Much less preparation work precedes refinishing the replacement. The cost of paint or stain is much less than the cost of new cabinets. Even with cabinet refacing, refacing costs can vary. You would need to purchase new cabinet fronts, assess cabinet materials, and which cabinet doors and cabinet framework styles you like best, which can get pricey.

Save Time

The process of replacing cabinets can be an invasive one. It involves choosing a wood material and style for your cabinets, along with cabinet hardware options. However, the refinishing process is much simpler and can be completed in a matter of days, allowing you full use of your kitchen in short order. You also will not need to configure a new kitchen layout, and you can keep the comfort of your current layout and keep all of your cabinet confinements exactly where they are.

Improve Durability at Less Cost

The refinishing process is often advantageous for older homes that have superior quality cabinets. You can give these cabinets a modern appearance and better durability by refinishing them. Also, you can preserve the character of superior quality cabinets through finishing instead of replacing.

No Complicated Planning

One of the biggest benefits, aside from low cost and keeping your current design, is not needing to adjust too many factors of your home and time in your schedule for this project. If you choose to replace the cabinets in your home, you will need to measure and calculate how they will fit around your appliances and into your spaces. This may even involve moving around appliance plumbing or wiring. However, refinishing your cabinets instead saves you complicated planning and hard work.

In conclusion, your cabinet makeover does not need to be a hassle. When working with professional cabinet refinishing experts, you'll love the results and feel like you've got brand new cabinets again. Refinishing instead of replacing your cabinets will save you a significant amount of time, effort, and money.

Work with a team you can rely on for satisfactory results and a clean finish every time. To learn about how our team at H3 Paint can meet your cabinet finishing needs, call us today at 720.390.3990, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or request an estimate.

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