Your Guide to the Emerging Interior Color Trends of 2021

2021 Emerging Trends

As we move past 2020, the interior and exterior colors of the home have proven to be more important for our well-being than ever before. They need to transform a home into a sanctuary and an oasis, inside and out.

So be adventurous with your choices. If you work from home, you have free reign to customize this environment and the phycological effects your color choices bring. The interior color trends for 2021 are taking us into a Renaissance.

With more people spending time at home, interiors are becoming increasingly important to overall family well-being. Let's take a look at the trends.

Interior Color Trends for 2021

As you emerge from these strange times, repaint your house to renew your zest for life. Use brilliantly striking hues and refresh your peace of mind with soft, comforting neutrals.

Naturally Happy

For calm and solace, and to bring the outdoors in by choosing frosty greens like PANTONE 15-5706 TCX. This, and other soft, grey-greens and foliage hues are paired with caramel browns to give your interior a rich look.

Add a Jaffa Orange to invite some cheerful, exciting nostalgia into the mix. Earthy shades like cypress combine well with saffron.

Natural foliage greens such as sage and olive, and floral colors in general, bring a sustainable living vibe to your home. They evoke a desire for overall health and well-being and make you feel safe and calm. Try a dusty green like Shale Green, PANTONE 16-6116 TCX

Daring and Bold

Don't be afraid to blanket your rooms in lavish color this year. There's an overarching maximalist and futuristic attitude influencing us. A pop or an entire wall of sharp black will stand out this year. Bright pinks and reds are also popular.

Bold and forward-looking, we're seeing a merging of the digital and physical worlds through electric blues and Palace Blue (PANTONE 18-4043 TCX) in all types of finishes, from high-gloss to ultra-matt suede.

Fresh Vibrance

Looking at interior color trends 2021 we're seeing a resurgence in saturated jewel tones such as cobalt blue and emerald green. Combine creamy, bright reds with a pop of blue, for example.

These rich pallets will bring energy, happiness, and optimism into your space. Consider vivid palettes to reinvigorate you and your family this year. Think of it as a spa for the soul.

Fusia and rose are coming back with their ability to create happiness only floral hues can bring. Combine with warm whites and pops of gold to create a great space for lively conversation.

Happy and Calm

Another way to keep a room comforting, yet exciting, is to hang a plethora of artwork. We're seeing more than usual this year, as society has been bringing the excitement of the outside world into their spaces. Keep your mind stimulated with all types of art and don't hesitate to go big.

If this isn't your thing, consider Langoustino, PANTONE 16-1440 TCX along with tonal color combinations for comfort and restoration, as well as a handcrafted look.

Stay more neutral if that's your thing. Combine beige with browns and pastels to create a luxurious lounge. Artwork against beige walls always looks striking and timeless.

Try combining neutrals like beige with orange and you'll be surprised at the way you feel. Orange will lift the beige, whether your orange is sorbet or rust. Combine with calm blues and greens for a pleasant, cheerful space.

Young and Free

Consider fun ice cream colors for your baby and kid's rooms. These evoke fantasy and imagination during playtime. We're seeing color palettes that integrate some chalky, pastel hues like Easter Egg, PANTONE 16-3925 TCX combined with mirrored effects for fun, optical illusions.

Don't be afraid to take these colors into the rest of the house to add a pop of fresh, vivacious pastels. These include lime green, bright minion yellow, and blue.

Sunny Disposition

Yellows have been getting a lot of attention as we look at interior paint colors this year. We're seeing a bigger variety of shades and hues being used to bring the sunshine in, from Ochre to soft neutrals. Try combining mustard or burnt orange with warm whites or neutrals and accent with beautiful blues.

Try painting with soft yellow and then display your treasures, collections, and stained antique pieces. It's the perfect time to expand your personality and express yourself with your space with the help of the newest paint color trends.

Freedom and Individuality

Designer Angie Hranowsky expects the individuality and fun of the 70s Era colors to come back around. They represent freedom and individuality.

Bold, bohemian palettes and natural aesthetics such as floral treatments are back in a big way. We're seeing hand-painted nature-inspired murals and botanical wallpapers as well as many indoor plants combined with the newest interior color trends.

Elegance and Grace

All shades of bluish-green for elegance and positivity. Mix with black, white, and warm browns for a grounded look. Gray and red are combined in the home for warmth, bringing more passion for life and an elegant calm.

Gray combined with yellow or green look great this year, especially in the spaces where we relax and read. Consider lilacs and purples to add a stylish grace to any room.

Try brown, blue, and black for a pleasant (and versatile) interior design color combination this year. It's easy to bring new and different art into a room with this color combination. Use citrus colors against grays and make those pillows pop.

Illuminate Your Home With Fresh Color

Close the door on 2020. Greet the new year by giving yourself, and your space, a fresh, new attitude. Play with cozy neutrals or fun pastels. Be courageous with vivacious reds and blues.

Flowers and foliage are your friends this year as we bring the outside in. Think nature, bright or soft, as some of the most popular interior color trends for 2021.

Contact us today for a color consultation or answers to any questions you might have.

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