Giving Back to Our Community!

In 2021, Rocky Mountain Christian Church contacted us to see if we could help a community member.  We were happy to oblige.  We scheduled to go out to the house for an initial estimate and to look everything over.  

The community member in need had recently become a widow.  She was unable to keep the house up on her own and didn't have the means to do the repairs that the house needed to have done.  

Once we arrived on site, it was apparent that the house needed more than paint. The house needed to have new siding installed throughout the lower portion at minimum and more if it was available.  The paint would not have even stuck to the house in the shape that the siding was in.  

We have written about the The Adventures of Water and the Damage it Does in a blog article to describe the damage and why its important to keep the exterior of your home painted.  Once the protective layer of the paint wears off on a house or building, the protection from the elements (rain and snow and sun) is diminished.  The longer you wait to paint your house, the more the damage will be.  Its starts off with a minimum of paint starting to fade, then from fading it goes to water penetrating the siding.  When this happens, usually parts of the siding require replacement.  The reason for the replacement is that when the siding absorbs water and expands and contracts with our weather, that movement pushes the paint off of the surface of the siding, then the paint flakes off.  Catching this process at the very beginning allows a paint contractor time to remedy this with sealing the siding with primer and then coating the siding with 2 new coats of paint.

In the case of this community member, their house was in disrepair.  

We coordinated with community members to volunteer time and money to help repair the siding.  Then we reached out to local sources for siding at cost for this charitable endeavor.  We reached out to our Sherwin Williams reps to request a paint discount for this project and they were gracious with the discount.

Our company provided the labor and materials for the house to be repainted.  We painted the body of the house Dolphin Grey  HDC-NT-10A using Sherwin Williams Super Paint in Satin.  We painted the trim and doors on the house Extra White SW7006 using Sherwin Williams Super Paint.

Here are some of the before pictures:



We are pleased to be able to help our community whenever possible.  

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