1. Estimate

During our estimate process we speak with you to understand the full scope of your needs. We discuss what rooms or walls need to be painted or what part of the exterior of your house needs to be painted. 

We go into detail about your thoughts on color, what you like or don't like, and offer to you color consulting, which is free if you choose to use our company for your painting needs. 

During the estimate process, we take numerous pictures of your home or business to ensure that we get our estimate as close as possible. Also these pictures serve as a before an after for portfolio and your reference. 

Our estimates are always free of charge. 

Once our estimate has been finalized, we send this estimate through email, to you for review. This is a great time for discussions on budget and paint costs as well as your project as a whole and how to move to the next phase, scheduling. 


2. Scheduling

Once our estimate has been accepted and our negotiations finalized, we put you in the schedule for color consulting if it's needed or desired. Sometimes color has been chosen and in that case we will help you get or match those colors from our paint reps.  Mostly, having this Color Consulting service comes in very handy. So we schedule the color consulting with you and discuss the dates in which you need your project done by and when our availability is. Once the scheduling of either color consulting or your project is done we move onto either Color Consulting or starting to paint. 


3. Color Consulting

Our skilled colorist will schedule to visit with you at your home or office to obtain all the necessary information to begin helping you choose colors. Once the colors have been chosen, often times we will get samples for you and put them on the walls so you can see how the colors will work. 

If the samples are good, then we move forward purchasing the paint. 

If the colors need to be adjusted, then we work with you to make sure you have he colors that you like for each of your spaces. 

Sometimes there is conflict with the choice of color between husband and wife or between partners. Since this does happen, our gifted colorist will help find happy mediums for color or show examples of how certain colors have worked in other homes. 

Once the colors have been finalized, we move to purchasing paint and scheduling our start date. 


4. Starting Your Paint Project: Prep

When painting day comes, we will arrive on time and ready work. We will in most cases place a sign in the yard. We will begin inside by finding a good, safe spot to stage all pf our equipment. Usually this is a centrally located area out of the way so you and your family can carry on with your day to day business and we are as out of the way as possible. Once we select the area we lay down a tarp and bring our gear inside. 

Once inside your home, we begin with the walls that will be the lightest color and begin our process:

    1. Tarp off furniture 
    2. Tarp the floors
    3. Tape and caulk ceilings and baseboards
    4. Pull nails and other unwanted obstructions from the walls
    5. Patch holes minor drywall damage


5. Painting

Once our prep work is complete, we will begin to paint the lightest color first and work our way to the dark colors.  This is important because it allows for a dark color to cover the edging of a lighter color.  If this were done in reverse, the effect would be a possible bleed through of the darker color through the light color.  Once the walls are rolled, we will cut in the edging using a brush.  Because we have taped and caulked the ceilings and baseboards, our lines come out perfectly crisp and clear.  This is very important.  Crisp lines in a home separate the everyday paint job, to a professional looking job.  


6. The Blue-Tape Challenge® 

At H3 Paint, we believe in the quality of our work.  When painting, there can be pockets of texture that don’t quite get coated with paint.  When the paint dries and stretches, it expands these pockets creating gaps where new color doesn’t stick and the appearance of spots can grow.  Or when the edging or cutting in is done on a wall near the ceiling or baseboard, or even around doors, the paint appear lite or not white coated enough.  In our efforts to provide excellent quality through our diligence, we use The Blue-Tape Challenge®.  This is a process in which we grab a role of blue tape and walk the house adding blue tape to any spot that has been painted for a quality check.  When we see a spot, we mark it with blue tape. After we do our touch up, the blue tape is removed.  We walk the house again, and do the same process again, just to check for accuracy and quality.  The last part of this is when we leave the project, on the final day, we give a role of tape to you, our client, to do the same thing.  This is to ensure that if you see something, you can mark it with tape.  We show up one last time at your home to take care of any last spots that might have been missed.  It is our goal and promise to leave you with your home as clean as we found it, just with some new color!


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