Sherwin Williams Tempe Star & Summer WhiteWhen we were approached to give an estimate for this project, we knew we would be able to help out! The homeowner received estimates from 3 painting companies in Longmont, but he saw one of our wrapped H3 paint trucks around town that caught his attention. We were very familiar with the neighborhood and had many examples in our portfolio of similar houses and happy customers willing to share their great experiences working with the H3 Paint Team. The client decided he needed to paint right away because the paint was faded and there was damage from a recent hail storm. The homeowner contacted his insurance company and they agreed to paint one side of his home. This is very typical with insurance claims for hail damage where the damage is the most visible. Here in our beautiful state of COLORado, we can get some nasty hail storms that leave pockmarks in the paint on the exterior of houses. Damaged Siding from HailThe damage caused by hail can often be much more extensive than just small pockmarks. In some cases, hail can cause the siding to need to be replaced especially if it is left unattended for too long. Fortunately, the homeowner acted quickly and primer and paint would be sufficient in fixing the damage. The homeowner was disappointed the insurance company was only willing to cover the cost to paint one side, this is something we see all too often. From years of experience, we have learned that we can often show additional proof and compelling evidence to help insurance companies see the benefit of painting the entire house. In this specific case, we took videos and pictures as proof and spoke directly to the insurance company about the damage on the exterior and the damage to the paint that occurred from the hail storm. We were able to show the early signs of damage that could lead to larger problems. After submitting these additional details and giving our professional opinion the homeowners' insurance company decided to cover more of the cost of painting. The additional money helped the homeowner tremendously on his out-of-pocket expense and in the long run saved the insurance company and the homeowner from more work caused by not fixing this problem with fresh coats of paint covering the entire house.

In cases of damage caused by hail, steps are taken to first ensure the siding and other materials are not damaged to the point of needing to be replaced, next we need to clean the siding by power washing to provide an extra clean surface and removing any debris, this is to make sure that paint will adhere properly to the house. People often regard their paint job as being for purely aesthetic purposes, in fact we have been given 5 stars across many platforms for our excellent work, but when it comes to painting, the important thing to note is that the paint is sealing the house. It protects the house from water soaking into the siding. When water hits a poorly sealed home the moisture can get into tiny spaces wreaking havoc with mold, mildew, and breakdown leading to decay. This will lead to many issues in the exterior surfaces of a home that go far beyond aesthetics and can cause the need for costly and time-consuming repairs. When these repairs are necessary it can cost thousands of dollars for the material cost and installation labor price to remove, remediate water damage and replace damaged materials. You can read our blog article about this here. Once replaced the new siding needs to be caulked, primed, and painted. Again, all of these headaches can be avoided by catching a small problem before it turns into a bigger issue and maintaining proper protection of the exterior materials by keeping paint on the surface. When the paint has begun to fade, chip, crack and look bad the damage is already beginning to set in, and repainting should happen as soon as possible. In Colorado we notice houses need to be repainted every 5-7 years, this is less than the national average of 10 years mainly due to our harsh and ever-changing conditions. Repairing Damaged Siding from HailThe altitude, sunshine, wind, extreme heat, and cold and dry conditions all lead to wear and tear on a home's exterior. In many mountain areas or places that are prone to more hail storms, wind or other extremes the need to paint may arise in less than 5-7 years. The exception to this rule is in some cases of new construction, certain colors or
low-quality paint products we have been called to paint a house that was painted in as little as 2-4 years prior. Fortunately, this is rare but it is something we have seen when another painting company has used watered-down paint or very low-quality paint and also in cases where the paint was not applied in two coats. Exterior painting is an expensive home maintenance process but when done properly by a professional painting company a fresh paint job can not only be a great way to improve the appearance of a home but also protect a valuable asset.

The Peregrine Project home was caught in time and the repairs were minimal. The homeowner decided to move away from the muted and murky gray-brown color and move towards a lively and updated blue-and-white combo with a black accent on the door. This vibrant and clean combo gave the home new life with the crisp color combo. The homeowner found a dynamic blue color made by Sherwin Williams called Tempe Star SW 6229 the trim, fascia, and pergola accented the blue perfectly with the Sherwin Williams color Summer White SW 7557. Summer White is a clean white with yellow undertones that worked to create an interesting contrast with the Tempe Star blue color used on the body. Always a favorite of ours Sherwin Williams color Iron Ore was used on the front door which really highlighted the custom glass door inserts. SW 7069 Iron Ore is a paint color we gravitate back to all the time. It is a dark neutral black that is subtly muted staying away from a harsh jet black while still maintaining its dark hue without losing any of the rich depth of color we have grown to love. The color Iron Ore works well combined with so many other colors and works great in both exterior and interior settings and on doors, trim, walls, cabinets, and more. We could write an entire post on Iron Ore! This home was a marvelous example of a transformation that really changed the entire look and feel of this house. The fresh paint colors combined with the amazing landscaping really make this home stand out in the neighborhood and once again we have a beautiful home in our portfolio and a very happy customer. We enjoyed this project and love the outcome!

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