Painting the Exterior of your home, before and after

Exterior Painting is an instant FACELIFT for your Home!

Painting can:

  • Increase your homes' value

  • Enhance your homes' curb appeal

  • Renew the feel of your home

  • Protect your investment

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Paint manufacturers recommend that you re-paint your home every 4-6 years.  When was the last time you had your house painted? 10 years, 20?   

Thinking of painting yourself?  That's great and it can save you money, however, 40% of our clients are people who attempted to start doing their paint project themselves.  Some people are naturals, but rarely can a Do-It-Your-Selfer get the job done in a timely, professional manner.  At H3 Paint, we have the knowledge, expertise, and tools.  Having the right tools to get the job done coupled with a knowledge of the trade can make all the difference.  

Painting the exterior of your house is about protecting the house first and the color second.  Of course, it's fun and beautiful to have those bright new colors, but we believe that the investment you have made in your home is worth protecting by making sure that our PREP-GAME is top-notch.  Prep is the most important part of painting an exterior of a home or business.  With the proper prep; a good power washing, 25-year caulk and spackle, and good paint, this will protect your home from our Colorado climate of freezing temperatures and intense heat and sun.  

Save yourself the headache of trying to make reach those high peaks; make the smart choice by scheduling an estimate today.  

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