Giving Back to Our Community!

Most recently, H3 Paint was blessed to be able to give back to the Longmont, CO community by painting the Sunset Middle School teacher's lounge! The lounge required some much-needed updating with a fresh coat of paint and some accenting, to really liven up the place! We also partnered with Rocky Mountain Christian Church who donated new furniture for the lounge!

No, it's not teacher appreciation week yet, but we feel as though teachers should be celebrated year-round! We value our teachers for their selfless service and dedication to carefully molding the minds and futures of their students.

From all of us at H3 Paint, we wanted to donate our services to show the teachers of Sunset Middle School they deserve a lounge to be proud of! A place to call their own, to relax, and to gather around a great pot of coffee.

Check out the "after" pictures of the lounge below! Doesn't it look inviting?! The team at H3 Paint is always keeping an eye out for ways to serve our community and we are looking forward to our next service project!



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