An Elegant Interior & Exterior Painting Project

IMG_1362.jpgOur client on Highway 52, in Erie Colorado, contacted us to come out and have a look at their home situated on a few acres with a detached 4 car garage and combination office space.  We were excited to paint both their interior and exterior of their home, garage and office space. 





Before-1.jpegWhen we started with our client on the interior.  The current setup was dated yet the feeling of the house was elegant and timeless, just that the colors gave it a dated feel with older tones like tans with. peach undertones, honey oak cabinetry and built-ins and dingy off-white ceilings. 

It was a classic color set up from the late 90's or early 2000's.  It was existing in the house when our client purchased their new home.

Time for the design.  The client had awesome ideas for the inside with high contrasting colors, like Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005, which provides a rich and warm color white with a touch of umber and black for depth.  Additionally, the contrasting color Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW 6258 would be used for the doors, built-ins, kitchen cabinetry and also the bathroom vanities.  Then to add some jewelry to the house, all the lighting would be soft gold finish, including the hardware on the cabinetry for the kitchen, the built-ins and the vanities in the bathroom. We used matte black finish hardware on the doors to give a soft elegant look on the satin finish black doors.  The all black built-ins in the family room transformed the space and brought Tricorn black color brought each space together.  In the dining room, we decided to utilize the soft lighting of the soffit lights and the new gold chandelier with an all black look on the ceilings and walls to give an elegant and intimate dining experience.  We did this same balck out feel in the clients' on-site yoga studio.  The combination of the black out wall and ceilings and a mirrored wall created a perfect space to reflect and workout.

After working on the interior we brought the dark colors outside with a complete black out and an inversion of the inside.  This cutting edge look is a trending look that really makes the house pop.  The game plan was to bring the Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black SW6258 outside and put it on the trim of the house.  To really bring the dramatic effect outside, we took the sister color for Tricorn called Sherwin Williams Iromn Ore SW 7674 and with this color we painted the body of the house.  The clients also asked us, if we could install a cedar soffit ceiling on their wrap around porch and bacl deck, which of course we were happy to do.  The cedar soffit look is a popular look to bring the warmth of the wood tones to the elegant dark colors.  

As a added touch, we refinsihed all of their patio furniture with the sultry black color Tricorn Black for their outdoor spaces.

Over all, we were thrilled to do this proejct with this client.  They were very happy with the outcome on both their inteiror paint job and their exterior paint job. We can't wait to paint for them again! 

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