10 Exterior Paint Ideas to Spruce up an Older Home


If you've got a house that's a little on the older side, a drab-looking exterior is often one of the first things you (and your neighbors) will notice. Freshening up the exterior paint of your home is an easy step to really sprucing up your home. 

However, with so many options and colors out there, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start.

Here, we'll walk you through 10 foolproof exterior paint ideas that you can choose from based on your own home and personal tastes. Keep reading to learn more! 

1. Off-White 

Off-white is an easy way to add a bright new wash to a house without being overly flashy. Off-white is easy to pair with other colors if you want to shake things up with your door or shutters. This classic shade will never go out of style. 

2. Blue Shades 

It may sound like a dramatic change, but you really can't go wrong with any shade of blue. Depending on how you choose to paint your door and shutters, you could really work with anything from navy blue to light blue, or even aqua. 

If you're not feeling quite brave enough to commit to a full blue exterior paint job, you could also choose to use blue as an accent color against a more neutral exterior. 

3. Reddish Hues

Nothing feels more welcoming and traditional than a house painted in red. Red will help your home pop against any backdrop, whether that's forested land or a clean landscape. 

You can also play around with various shades of red depending on how bright or muted you wish to go. Red pairs especially well with blue, yellow, white, and even muted green colors.  

4. Yellow Tones 

If you really want your home to give off cheerful vibes, there's nothing like a yellow exterior to make your street a little bit brighter. A bright yellow will definitely attract attention, but it's probably best to steer towards a paler shade to lighten things up just a bit. 

You might even shift your shade to more of a wheat color, somewhere between yellow and white.  

5. Green Tones 

Green can be a lovely earth tone that feels homey and rustic. Green hues are also a great way to complement the surrounding natural environment.

A good rule of thumb is to go for more of a cross between green and gray so as to not blend in with the grass. This also makes for a lovely contrast with other neutral accents, like white, dark gray, or black. 

You might even turn towards more of a mint green color, a great backdrop for more metallic accents. 

6. Gray Tints 

Gray is another incredibly versatile exterior paint idea. You really have the ultimate control over how light or dark you want your gray shade to be. You can match it to your accent colors. 

You might also consider more of a "greige" shade - a neutral shade between gray and beige. 

7. Beige and Taupe 

Neutrals like beige and taupe are a great way to play it safe when you're appealing to a wide market of potential home buyers. These warm tones are very popular as they blend into the natural surroundings.

These colors also work very well with natural stone or wood if that's a feature you want to highlight in your home's exterior. 

8. Deeper Browns 

If you're looking for something a bit more dramatic that still stays close to the warm, earthy tones of beige and taupe, a deeper brown color might be right for you. A dark brown is great for complimenting dark, natural wood or brick but it's also a great accent color against lighter colors. 

Paired with black, white, red, or even blue accent colors, a dark brown exterior paint job is sure to stand out with a bold curb appeal.  

9. Pure White 

There is perhaps nothing more timeless than a house painted with clean, white paint. While a white exterior may take a little bit more effort to maintain and keep looking so clean, it definitely pays off in curb appeal. 

Not all whites are created equal. It is unlikely that you'll actually paint your house in a real pure white, so look for a white with warm undertones that will complement any other accents featured in your home. 

10. Get Creative

Ultimately, you probably aren't going to paint your home all one color. You get to be creative when you paint your home's exterior, including accents like door color as well as your shudders, trim, and roof. 

If you're looking to sell your home or put it up on the market, you probably want to keep things neutral for the best curb appeal and to attract a wide market of potential buyers. 

However, you shouldn't shy away from whatever colors you like. Pastel shades are never off the table and you should brighten your home in a way you love. 

Spicing Things up With Exterior Paint 

Exterior paint is a great way to spice up the look of an old home. No matter what you decide on, a fresh coat of paint is sure to take years off of your home. This ultimately will increase your home's value and give you a home you're excited to come home to every day. 

Redoing the exterior paint on your house isn't exactly an easy task, especially if you're trying to do it on your own. 

Schedule an Estimate at H3 Paint today for free estimates on exterior paint jobs in Colorado!  

10 Exterior Paint Ideas to Spruce up an Older Home
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