10 Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

In the hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to lose track of the once important things to us. During the pandemic, many homeowners realized their home had lost its curb appeal. Everything you first noticed about your house is now dull and lackluster.

It's not too late to give your home's exterior a makeover. Most tasks can get done over a weekend or two. Other items you can leave to the pros.

Are you ready to give your home some much-needed TLC? Keep reading for ten ways to boost your home's appeal.

1. Exterior Painting Will Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Exterior painting for your home is a great way to give your home a new look. It is a job most homeowners don't want to tackle. When it comes to improving curb appeal, people may put painting at the bottom of the list.

Hiring professional residential painters is the way to go. They will clean the walls, apply paint schemes to your specifications, and clean up the mess before they leave.

Choosing modern color pallets can improve your home's overall appearance in a matter of days.

2. Clean or Replace Windows

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? How about opened them to let in some fresh air. If you're scratching your head, chances are it's been years, maybe decades.

With the popularity of blinds, shades, plantation shutters, and other window treatments, homeowners give little attention to their windows. Add to the equation; many homeowners use electric garage door openers to park their vehicles. This act alone lessens the time you're actually looking at the front of your home.

Start with power washing your windows. Head inside and clean them with a good window cleaner. Open and close each a couple of times. 

If the windows are hard to open or you're unable to get them clean, invest in a window upgrade. Modern window designs are a quick exterior refresh.

3. Update Your Front Door

Take a good look at your front door? Is it faded, chipped, hard to open, or close? Maybe it's time for a replacement. For this curb appeal suggestion, head down to the local home improvement store to look at some new designs. 

If a new door is out of your budget, move over to the paint department and see what's new in front door paint colors. Exterior painting of your front door will add a pop of color to add personality to the house. 

4. Trim Overgrown Trees

Your lack of curb appeal may have nothing to do with the home's exterior appearance. Instead, the beauty of your is being overshadowed by overgrown trees and low-hanging branches.

Call in a landscape company to cut the branches back so the sun can shine some light on your home. 

5. Plant new Flowers

While the landscape company is there to work on your trees, ask about seasonal flowers to spruce up your flowerbeds. Colorful flowers add curb appeal to any structure. 

Consider how much time you have to maintain your lawn when choosing between annuals and perennials. 

6. Spruce up Your Front Porch

Is your front porch or deck in need of some TLC? Do you have worn outdated outdoor furnishings? Or maybe what you lack for curb appeal is furnishings and some decorative planters. 

Sprucing up this outdoor area is a quick weekend project. Paint deck boards or replace broken tiles or pavers. 

Bring in some large colorful planters and add some rose or different fragrant plants.  

7. Buy New Outdoor Furniture

Today there are many options for outdoor furniture and decorations. Whether your preference is wicker, wood, or metal, you're sure to find a patio set you'll fall in love with in a color you love. 

If your existing furniture is in good condition, give it a new color or fresh coat of paint.

Choose a nice rug and some colorful throw pillows to add to the decor. Finish off the look with solar lighting around the border. Or you can install outdoor globe lighting.

8. Incorporate Stones in Your Landscape Design

Natural stones are a popular fixture in landscapes. Stones come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. You can create borders around shrubbery or flower beds. Stones can also add elegance to fountains and fish ponds.

If your budget permits, redo your walkway in stone pavers for added curb appeal.

9. Update Your Driveway with Pavers

Paver driveways are becoming less expensive, and more homeowners have them installed instead of traditional concrete driveways. Pavers add depth to your landscape, and the rich earth tones catch the eye from a street view.

Although they are more appealing, paver driveways require more maintenance than a regular driveway. It is a pricey investment, so you'll want to take care of it so weeds don't become an issue.  

10. Update the Siding

The siding on a home is not only for decoration. It is also a protector from the natural elements.  Depending on where you live, extreme temperatures can damage the exterior of your house

Siding such as cement stucco, vinyl, and stones are great options if your home is exposed to extreme heat. With new technology, siding is designed to last longer.

Applying new siding to an older home gives you the ability to modernize the structure with modern features. Professional residential painters can finish the new look with fresh color schemes that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood. 

Be the Home That Your Neighbors Envy

Sprucing up your home's curb appeal will not only give you renewed pride in your home. It will also increase your home's resale value. In some instances, you can claim major repairs and purchases on your taxes. 

Are you ready to paint your home? H3 Paint is your painting specialist in the Longmont area. Please give us a call at 720-213-8792 for a free estimate.

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