Backyard Projects to Complete this Summer

We have all been spending a lot of time in and at our homes since the Pandemic started at the beginning of 2020. Since that time, its been eye-opening what things about our house we want to change and improve.  Recently asked us to be a part of their blog for suggestions on how Painting can Improve the Exterior of Your Home.  They have featured us in their blog as a contributor so that folks could understand the primary reasons to take care of the exterior of their home.

While we sit outside on our patios or inside doing our daily life at home or even working from home, there are so many things to do and we notice all the things that could be improved. 


The Exterior


While you are at home, relaxing on your patio or gardening in your yard, notice how your home looks, does it look faded, dingy, or are the colors changing to something strange?  Can you see lines in your house that are showing what appears to be the studs below? 

It's important to recognize these things in/on your home and to know when to have a pro come and fix them.  These things you are seeing are a sign that the paint is longer protecting your investment.  It a critical time to get your house painted before further damage from our harsh Colorado climate (ice and freezing temperatures in the winter and hot dry temperatures in the summer).  This climate has set the stage for painting our Colorado Homes every 5-7 years before the potential of damage to the siding and trim starts to happen.  

In the picture here you are seeing a complete paint failing.  In this house, we have started the process of prep so that we can begin to paint. Here is a great article on how we do the Complete Process for Painting a Home 

The Spring and Summer months are a great time to get your house painted.  Get started by clicking here to Get on The Schedule for a free estimate.



While we are outside, as well as noticing the paint on our home, we notice the Wood Decks and or concrete patios, or both.  

Wood decks take a harsh beating in Colorado.  Due to our climate again, we recommend that wood decks get stained and sealed at least every two years.  This process will keep not only the luster of the beautiful wood finish intact but also make sure that the wood structure doesn't rot.  We notice that a lot of our clients will have us out to look at their homes and also ask us to take a look at the deck.  50% of the time the decks we see are rotted to the point of needing a new deck finish or top layer.  Usually, the substructure of the deck is intact and needs no replacement, but the deck itself may need to be re-topped.  We can do this work for you and are happy to provide a free estimate.  Alternatively, when the deck just needs to be power washed and sanded and then stained and sealed, we can do this as well.  Not all decks need to be replaced.  The reason we may recommend that a deck top is replaced is due to the wood not being able to handle or "hold" onto any stain, or the wood is rotted to the point of the deck being unsafe.  If you want free advice on any of your deck needs, feel free to reach out and get an estimate or just some opinions.  

In addition to decks, we can also stain and power wash fences. This is a great way to clean up the back yard quickly.  When we power wash the deck or fence wood surface, it removed the "grey" color and brings the wood back to life.  Once this is done, it is recommended to stain and seal your fence.  Doing this can enhance the entire backyard and can be quite affordable. 



For the concrete of your house, generally, a good power washing will help brighten everything up and give new life to just about any concrete surface you have on the outside of your house.  This is an affordable option to do that most people have done when they paint the exterior of their house. 


Power Washing The Exterior of Your House

When we paint a home, one of the primary parts of the process is to power wash the house first. The reason we do this is to remove any dirt and debris that rain alone doesn't quite get off the house. When we power wash a house it is usually needing a new paint job, but if you have a hoe that was newly built and near a construction zone, has the usual amount of cobwebs and dirt build-up, but the paint is fine, this is a great time to have the house cleaned. WE wash our cars, weekly sometimes, and yet we forget that the biggest investment we have made in our lives also needs to be cleaned.

Power washing is an inexpensive way to get the exterior of your house cleaned up and looking brilliant again, just like when you had it newly painted. 


Gutter Cleanout

 Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important things you can do to your exterior and that's why it's last but definitely not least.  Gutter clean out should happen twice a year but at least get them clear at least once.  When gutters get clogged water overflows onto and into places that it shouldn't go, that's why we have gutters, to direct the water to where we want it, which is away from the house and out onto the ground.  When gutters become clogged, water will overflow and seep into trim boards, and when they are not properly caulked, this water will sit in the wood.  When this happens it can expand and contract which ruins the wood.  Usually, this is what happens when a piece of trim or siding looks rotted or expanded and ultimately will not hold paint causing the need for a replacement.  We have a short blog on the adventures of water to show what can happen when the siding and trim is neglected.  

You guessed it, we offer gutter cleanouts when we do an exterior paint job.  We can do it cheaper than a stands lone company because we are already on-site with ladders.  We are happy to provide free estimates on all of our services.  Click here to get on our schedule

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