Can You Paint Your Exterior in the Winter?


The quick answer is yes.  However, there are caveats. 

The temperature must be right, or the paint will fail.  If the temperature is too low, below 45, it gets really sticky, no pun intended.  The temperature of the air is important but also the temperature of the house.  Both have to be above 45 and not just for the application of the paint, but the drying process as well.

Can you schedule a paint job in the winter months?  The short answer, yes, but again those pesky caveats.  We can schedule your paint job in the winter, but we will have shorter days and only a few hours during the day that we are able to apply the paint. We usually reserve painting exteriors for the Spring, Summer and some of the Fall months. A project that should normally take, say, a week or a few days may get stretched out to much longer depending on the weather.

The safest bet, unless your HOA is hounding you, is to wait and schedule your project during March through October.  If you are planning on having a project done in the spring months, its a best bet to get on the schedule in advance to ensure you get the time slot you want.  Spring is when things really start heating up!  (Haha there I go with the Puns)

We look forward to being your painter, no job too big or small, we paint it all!


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Wednesday, 17 April 2024

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