Paint Color Trends to Look Out For in 2022

Earth tones like Pistachio Shell (PANTONE 12-0110 TCX) and Agave Green (PANTONE 18-5806 TCX) give a soothing, comforting vibe to any room.

These colors are a great choice for your dining room to create a luxurious yet relaxing feel for a dinner with family or friends. These grounding colors are also great if you want to create a cozy living room without using bright red or orange tones.

Earth tones are also a great choice if you want to add something a bit livelier than neutrals but don't want a color that's too flashy.

Soothing beige tones and muted greens are an excellent complement to your existing furniture. And if you want to add to the theme of nature and earth, you can complement your new paint colors with furniture or rugs made of natural fiberssuch as wool, jute, and flax. 

Calm Grays

Another color that doesn't have to be boring (or depressing) is gray. In fact, gray can give any room a sense of peace, as long as you pick a color you like and that gives off the right mood.

In 2022, we're looking at warm, inviting grays like Elephant Skin (PANTONE 17-0205 TCX). 

These calming tones work well in rooms where you want to create a warm yet neutral look, such as your home office or even a guest bathroom.

Cool grays are also in for next year, as long as they're calming and inviting tones. They're also a great match with other cool tones, like muted, light blues.

If you want to incorporate grays into a room in your home, try not to mix gray and beige. While both are neutral colors, even a warm gray might look a bit mismatched next to a beige tone.

If you'd like to use mostly gray but want to add that extra pop of color, consider using a mineral tone like Mineral Yellow (PANTONE 15-1046 TCX). 

You can use these pops of color on the edges of your bookshelves, on cabinets, or on accent walls. You can also put up a painting in these colors.

A Pop of Nostalgia

Although we're seeing a lot of neutral colors for next year, we're also seeing shades that give us a sense of calm by bringing up feelings of nostalgia.

Unlike the usual retro colors, the nostalgic shades of 2022 are more muted (yet still fun) versions of these colors. For example, we have fun yellows like Popcorn (PANTONE 12-0825 TCX), which sets the mood for a homey yet relaxed living space.

This is a great color for your kitchen or dining room. It's evocative of fun family breakfasts and is sure to get you feeling energized and happy in the morning.

Another nostalgic color for 2022 is Persimmon (PANTONE 16-1544 TCX), a bright, grapefruit-like color. This is a great option for an accent wall that you can match with decorations or appliances in a similar color.

These colors are reminiscent of the fun retro-futuristic colors of the 1960s but with a modern twist.

And since 2022's versions of these colors are more muted, you can evoke this aesthetic without worrying about having colors that are too bright, distracting, or don't match with your furniture.

If you want to incorporate some of these nostalgic colors but aren't sure where to start, one top tip for choosing paint colors is to look for inspiration. This can be on websites like Pinterest, in interior design magazines, or around you as you go about your day-to-day life.

Sophisticated and Warm Neutrals

You might think that neutrals are the same year in and year out, but the neutrals of 2022 continue with the earthy, soothing vibe that we're seeing emerge.

Given that so many people continue to work from home, you want your home office to be calming yet inspire your creativity. 

And one of the best ways to do this is by using neutral paint colors. 

One of the most popular neutral shades for 2022 is Rugby Tan (PANTONE 15-1315 TCX), a warm, rosy tan. You can also opt for a "greige" (gray and beige tone) such as London Fog (PANTONE 16-0207).

You can add natural materials as accents like you would with the earthy tones listed above, or you can add metal accents for a more modern, polished look.

These include metal finishings with warm or neutral tones like brass, matte black, or light neutral gold.

Notice how neutrals are not only a great match for most types of furniture, but they don't have to be boring. You can adapt these warm-toned neutrals to nearly any interior design style, whether you prefer earth-inspired materials like wood or modern metal finishings.

Breezy Beach Vibes

Some of the best paint colors for living rooms are breezy, seafoam hues. These are the perfect way to create a coastal-inspired living room that makes you feel like you're at the beach or relaxing on a cruise ship.

One gorgeous color to use for this type of living room is Aqua Glass (PANTONE 12-5407 TCX). This beautiful mix of blue and green is reminiscent of ocean waves or a calm morning strolling by the water.

What's great about colors like this is that they're lively and inspirational but still muted enough to be soothing.

This way, you can create a living room that makes you happy and excited for the day but one that you can also relax in with friends or alone with a good book.

To create a beachy vibe, you'll want to combine light blue or ocean-colored walls with coastal accents and furniture. These include exposed wood panels, rope accents, shells, or glass. 

You can also add accent colors like Summer Sand (PANTONE 12-0908 TCX) for an even more beach-inspired look. Consider adding bright white or dark gray accents for more contrast. 

Beachy blues are also a great color for entryway areas, kitchens, or bathrooms because they add a lively feeling to the space. 

Bold and Dark

Bold and dark colors don't have to be reminiscent of being underground or of making your space look smaller than it is.

In fact, going bold and dark adds a layer of sophistication and gives your home a modern feel. You don't have to go all-out with a Maximalist interior design style and add tons of patterns and furniture to use these colors, either.

Instead, dark colors like Navy Peony (PANTONE 19-4029 TCX) are a great way to add glamor and sophistication to any space. You can use them for glamorous dining rooms and pair them with a chandelier or modern bar lights for added effect.

Dark colors are also a great way to introduce contrast into your home. For example, you could paint your entryway a dark color like Navy Peony, as mentioned above.

Then, you could paint your door a bright coral for a beautiful contrast. Finally, you could accent both colors with a matte gold entryway table, a mirror, metal vases, and gold hardware on your door handles.

If you want to add some bold and dark colors to your home but are worried it won't look good, it's a good idea to contact an interior painting company.

One of the top benefits of hiring an interior painting company is that they can help you choose colors that match well together and suit your personal interior design style. 

Everyday Whimsical

Whimsical can add a childlike, carefree spirit to a room without appearing childish or out of place. Some examples of whimsical colors are magenta, violet, and orange.

Whimsical colors can be modern paint colors, too. For 2022, the trends point to muted versions of whimsical colors like soft pink and light blue.

Modern whimsical colors are also a great way to introduce striped effects into a room. These are great for a sitting room, or somewhere you might have drinks or tea with guests.

A good example of whimsical stripes would be to use a color like Ice Water (PANTONE 13-4202 TCX) and accent it with a muted pink like Pink Nectar (PANTONE 14-2305 TCX).

To keep things sophisticated, you wouldn't want to do stripes of equal width.

Instead, pick one color to be the primary color and then add one or two larger stripes of the secondary color for contrast.

If you're opting for stripes, make sure to use a professional interior painting service so that they can line up and measure the stripes properly. This way, you don't have to get stressed out if you paint a lopsided stripe by accident and have to do everything all over again.

To create a room that's whimsical yet sophisticated, make sure to keep your furniture in neutral colors like dark grey or light beige. You can accent your furniture with matte gold hardware, sea glass, neutral vases, or bronze figurines.

Deep Berry Shades

Moving away from the otherwise neutral or muted interior design, colors of 2022 are deep berry shades. These sophisticated shades include the warm, dark red Rosewood (PANTONE 19-1532 TCX) and the deep shade Blackberry Wine (PANTONE 19-2816 TCX). 

These warm, deep shades are a great alternative to dark navy blue if you're going for a sophisticated living room. 

Unlike the matte gold hardware that you'd want to use with dark colors like navy, you can use shiny gold without worrying about your room looking tacky.

This is because deep berry shades are already very sophisticated and aren't so bright that added shiny gold would be too much for the eyes.

The green from small plants also works well with these colors and adds a good balance of color. 

Other decor ideas for this type of living room include navy blue couches and armchairs, black bookshelves, decorative coffee table books, and gold candle holders.

Since berry shades are also energizing, they're great colors for a productivity-focused home office.

If you're worried about a dark color making your room look too small, consider painting the ceiling a bright yet complementary color like a coral pink. That way, you could add furniture to match the ceiling for more subtle color matching.

This approach adds brightness and layers of color to a room without overwhelming the senses with too many different shades.

Redesign Your Room With the Newest Paint Color Trends

Following paint color trends doesn't mean you'll be picking a new paint color and repainting your house every year.

Instead, paint color trends can help you refresh the look of your home and discover color combinations you may not have considered before. 

If you're ready to paint your home but feel overwhelmed by the task, H3 Paint is here to help.

Our passionate and quality-driven experts can help you choose the best color combinations for your new home. For professional painting services in the Longmont and surrounding areas, schedule a color consultation with us today. 

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