The best time to paint the Exterior of house

Painting the exterior of your house is critical.  It is the first line of defense that your home has against the weather here in COLORado.  Paint manufacturers recommend that you paint every 5-7 years and when the climate is harsh, like ours in COLORado, you should paint sooner.

Here are the signs to look for in your house to see if your house is ready for painting:

  1. Faded Color
  2. Faded Sheen (seems dull and flat or chalky)
  3. Seeing the outline of the studwall 
  4. Siding looks to flaking or chipping
  5. Trim is beginning to lose luster and peel or appears damaged

When you see these top 5 signs of needing a paint job, it's time to call a pro.  

Fading color means that the pigment in the paint has been weathered and ultimately means that the paint is no longer doing its job to protect the siding and trim.  A faded sheen provides the same insight into needing to paint your home.  The sheen of the paint can be considered as the protective layer, like the clear coat on your car.  It helps to protect the paint and keeps the paints endurance high.  

Once you get to the place of seeing the stud outline or construction of your house through the siding, this means that the paint has been worn down to no protection and is in high need of being painted.  Also placed in this category of highly recommended for painting would be seeing flaking or chipping or wood starting the process of rotting.  It's a lot cheaper to repaint your house and a few trim boards than it is to replace the siding on your home or a majority of the trim all because you weren't aware of the dire need or the repercussions that would be caused from not painting.  

Most people think of painting as a nice-to-do or a wishlist item because of the color change opportunity and don't get me wrong, thats the funs side; painting the exterior of your home or business provides the aesthetic of fresh, new, clean and even updated, but it also provides a level of protection, the first line of defense in protecting your home or business.

So when is the best time to paint the exterior of your home or business? Spring through Fall is the best time, being that temperatures range from 40's to 90's.  The best temperature range to paint the exterior of your home or business is between 50-80.  Paint manufacturers recommend painting between these temperatures and as a professional painting company, we know how to apply paint at lower temperatures and higher temperatures based on the type of paint.  

For instance, Behr paint, specifically the Premium Line, can be painted as low as 35 degrees and as high as 95.  Once you reach below or above those temperatures, the paint does not perform as well as expected.

As the spring season comes upon us, we generally start seeing more scheduling requests and this is the primary reason.  Professional painting company's generally become booked up and start to fill their calendars starting in February.  If you are curious about the integrity of the paint on your home, Schedule a Free Consultation.  You'll get honest answers and even a price on the spot sent to you in your email.  

We have been serving the Colorado Front Range for a variation of painting needs, both commercial and residential for over 16 years.  Family owned and operated, Quality Guaranteed! 


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