The Importance of Proper Surface Preparation Before Painting

The painting process is more involved than just purchasing a can of paint, some brushes and rollers, and applying the paint to your surfaces, whether it is a wall or an entire room in your home. There is some preparation to be done if the results of your new, fresh coat are to look professional and last a long time. Otherwise, your paint job may look sloppy and the paint may quickly peel or crack. Below, we cover some of the important steps required to paint residential interior and outdoor surfaces. At H3 Paint, our professional painting teams know the proper prep techniques and have your residential painting needs covered for both interior and exterior home surfaces.

  1. Remove the Existing Paint

Before you apply a new coat of paint to a surface, it is not always necessary to remove the previous coat of paint. However, if the existing paint job is flaking and/or chipping, you will need to remove that paint so you can work with a smooth, clean surface. If you are working on an old home, be careful to wear protective gear when removing paint which may be lead paint and contain asbestos. This hazard is another reason to work with professional painters.

  1. Repair Surface Flaws

If the surface you intend to paint contains nail holes, gouges, or other similar issues that will diminish the quality of the painted surface, these need to be corrected first before proceeding. If dealing with stubborn dirt and debris build up on exterior walls, use a pressure washer for a clean surface. However, plan ahead as pressure washing will need a few a day to ensure optimal dry time before you can paint.

Other solutions may include spackling, drywall, or other wall treatments. You may need to add fillers to these surface flaws more than one time. Let the application dry before adding more filler to achieve a flat, even surface upon which to apply paint.

  1. Sand the Surface

After your professional painter strips the paint and repairs any of the flaws mentioned above, what will be left is an uneven, lumpy surface. A smooth surface is imperative for a clean paint finish. This is why it is important to sand the surface next to make it flat and even.

  1. Clean the Surface

Clean the surface of the dust resulting from sanding. Even if you have not sanded the surface, you should still clean the surface of dirt and debris. You can clean inside surfaces with mild detergent and water. You can use a power washer to clean outdoor surfaces – but do so with care. Improper use of a power washer can create cuts in the wood or other damage that would require a replacement.

  1. Tape off Areas Not to Be Painted

Apply painter’s tape to protect trim, ceilings, and windows in areas where you do not intend to apply paint.  If you are experienced, using a tape and caulk method will ensure no paint bleed.

  1. Prime the Surface

Apply primer to the surface before beginning your painting project. Every quality paint job begins with a solid primer application. Primer helps the paint application appear more uniform and helps hide small imperfections on the surface. It also helps paint adhere to the surface longer. However, some paints have a built in primer and don't require an additional one unless the paint is being applied to bare wood or a surface that would otherwise require a primer.  A professional painting company such as H3 Paint, can help determine when and where to apply a primer and which primer to apply.

Work with a professional painting company you can rely on. For information about how our painting professionals at H3 Paint can help boost your curb appeal and serve your residential painting needs, give us a call today at 720.390.3990, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or request an estimate.

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