How Long Does It Take to Paint a Room in Your House?

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The paint on your walls is starting to chip. The bright red color you loved so much has now faded to a lighter one. It sounds like it’s time to head to the hardware store to pick up the things you need for a new paint job.

The problem is that you stay so busy with work you’re not sure if you’ll be able to find the time. How long does it take to paint a room?

The answer is quite a while if you’ve never done the job before. It also depends on how large the room is. Check out this guide to learn how much time you need to set aside. 

Prep Time

As appealing as it would be to jump right into the painting project and get it done, there's some prep work that you've got to do first. Move all your furniture away from the walls. This will keep them out of your way and stop them from getting covered in paint. 

Put a tarp down to protect your floors. Get all your decor off the walls. This includes your light switch covers. 

If you have any holes or little dings in your walls, use spackle to cover them up. This will allow for a smooth paint job that's satisfying to look at. 

Grab a roll of painter's tape and tape off your baseboards and the area where your ceiling meets the wall. We know, this is a lot of work, but trust us when we say it's necessary. It will take you about 1-2 hours to get it all done. 

Room Size 

Basic logic dictates that it will take less time to paint a smaller room than a larger one. You don't have as much ground to cover so, you finish faster. 

It also matters how much of the room you're painting. It's not going to take you as long to do a few touch-ups on the wall vs redoing the entire thing. 

Application Method

When choosing your application method, you've got three options, spraying, brushing, and rolling. Spraying is going to be the fastest method out of the three. We will say that not many people spray the inside of their house. 

It's mostly reserved for exterior surfaces, but nothing says that you can't use it indoors. The second fastest method is rolling. It's larger than a brush so, you can cover more ground with it. 

There's nothing wrong with the tried and true brush method other than it takes longer. Most people use the brush to trim around their walls and get into corners rather than painting the entire wall with it. 

Cutting In 

Now that you've measured the room and chosen your application method, it's time to cut in. Pop open your paint lids and grab your paintbrush. Cutting in is basically outlining the room. 

The goal is to get into all the small corners and grooves where the roller can't reach. It will make it easier to blend everything in once you start actually painting. 

It usually takes about an hour to finish the cutting in part of the painting process. You can cut down on some of this time by pouring a bit of your paint into a cup with a handle. That will stop you from constantly going up and down your ladder to dip your brush in paint. 

You should also take advantage of the painter's tape. It will help you paint in a straight line, which saves time because you don't have to worry about touching up mistakes. 

Applying the Paint 

Now you're on to the easiest part of the entire project. Applying the paint to the wall. You'll be working with a lot of open space so, it shouldn't take long to cover the entire wall. 

Again it depends on how large the room is and if you have anyone helping you. Four hands are better than two. You'll also have to apply more than one coat. 

It should only take you about 45 minutes to put on the first coat and 30 minutes to put on the second. With the second coat, you're only using it to cover up imperfections and smooth things out. 

Cleaning Up Your Mess

Cleaning up is the worst part of the job. It will take a half-hour to get all your painting supplies put away and get your decor back on the walls. 

Obviously, you should wait for your walls to dry before screwing the light switch panels back into place and rehanging your picture frames. Our suggestion is to perform this last step of the home painting process 48 hours after you finish the job. 

Professional Painting or DIY?

If you've never painted a room before, painting a room will take you some time to complete. Experience and speed go hand and hand. 

So, if you need the project done ASAP, you're better off hiring a professional painting company. You'll spend more money but, they can get things finished in half the time you can. 

How Long Does It Take to Paint a Room Normally? 

So, how long does it take to paint a room? The answer is about 5-6 hours. This time can fluctuate depending on the size of the room, how much of the room you're painting, and what application method you use. 

It also matters if you're experienced or not. If you need your project done in a hurry, seek out the help of a professional. Go here to schedule your free estimate today. 

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